Schmetz Embroidery (ballpoint) Needles for Longarm Machines-Pack of 10-Size 14

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Schmetz Embroidery Needles for Longarm Machines-Pack of 10--Size 14

1. Ball-point tip spreads fibers instead of cutting them, preventing holes in fibers.
2. Reduces thread breaks when machine goes from right to left.
3. Round shank needles, for muliti-directional use
4. For use with most machines HandiQuilter, Gammill, Prodigy, Nolting, Tin Lizzie and Innovas. They will work with an HQ Infinity at lower speeds.
*****(these are a round shank top, with a thread groove in the front and scarf in the back) I don't believe these will work on an APQS. A-1, Voyager or a Bernina longarm. ***I have recently been told they DO work on APQS machines***
5. Prevents skipped stitches
6. High stability and prevents deflection.
7. Precise stitches
8. Reduces wear on machine parts
9. Lasts MUCH longer than a sharp needle.
10. 100% money back guarantee if these don't work in your machine or you are not
completely satisfied. Please email me for refund.

These are labeled as an embroidery ball point FOR THE LONGARM Schmetz needle, to be specific, a light ball point. System 134 SES is generally used in single needle lockstitch industrial sewing machines. It is also known as 135x5 SES, 135x7 SES, 135x25 SES, 1901 SES, DPx5 SES, and DPx7 SES

Size: 100/14
Canu: 20:05 EB1 (EB = embroidery)
NM: 100
SES: 135x5 (SES is how Schmetz classifies a ballpoint, others are FFG)
Qty: 10

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